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St Marys Catholic Primary School


School Governors

St Mary's Welcomes all Children, Non-Catholic and Catholic families to our Beautiful Primary School on Coronation Crescent, Madeley. Telford. Please contact us for a place for your child on 01952 388255.
School Governors





Our school governors are a team of people who work closely with the head teacher to make key decisions vital to the successful running of the school. The governors appoint the head teacher and make decisions that directly affect the education and well-being of the children. They play an important role in improving standards throughout the school and agree the school's budget.


Father Michael Hartley. Parish Priest and Governor at Holy Trinity Secondary School

Chair of Governors/Foundation Governor: Jane Payton (Retired Primary School Headteacher)

Vice Chair of Governors: Joan Beard

Foundation Governors: Laurianne Jaarsweld (Parent of a Year 5 pupil), Joan Beard (previous Chair of Governors), Joyce Monaghan , Caroline Welson (Parent of two children in Year Two)

Parent Governors: Gaynor Havard (Parent of a Year Two child and teaching assistant at a local secondary school)

Teacher Governor: Sarah Rushton