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St Marys Catholic Primary School


Music Lessons

St Mary's Welcomes all Children, Non-Catholic and Catholic families to our Beautiful Primary School on Coronation Crescent, Madeley. Telford. Please contact us for a place for your child on 01952 388255.

Music Lessons


We are able to offer your child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Rosemary Angus, our music teacher, teaches singing, piano, violin, flute, clarinet and saxophone. If she is able to, she can lend pupils an instrument, free-of-charge. Rosemary is very experienced and well regarded in the borough as children learning with her make good progress and often take Grade 5 exams (GCSE equivalent) by the end of Year 6 if they have been learning since Key Stage 1. Lessons cost £6.50. Please ring the office if you are interested.​