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St Marys Catholic Primary School


Headteachers Welcome

St Mary's Welcomes all Children, Non-Catholic and Catholic families to our Beautiful Primary School on Coronation Crescent, Madeley. Telford. Please contact us for a place for your child on 01952 388255.


Headteacher: Mrs Samantha Griffiths
Our Vision Statement
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a school we are all very proud of. Our school is a vibrant, positive place that provides a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn. Our children enjoy coming to school, are motivated by their successes and become confident, responsible citizens. Jesus told us to ‘Love one another as I have loved you’, and this reminds us every day to go the extra mile for the pupils within our care. They are secure in the knowledge that our school welcomes their whole family and works with them as a team, with the welfare and education of each child being our focus. They are also secure in the knowledge that each of them has been created by God the Father in His own image; they are loved for who they are and for what they bring to our school community. We are committed to ensuring that our wonderful children, irrelevant of their background, achieve the very best of standards and we accept the responsibility that the quality of our school offer does have a significant impact upon the quality of life outcomes.
As a school we have agreed that to be outstanding, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School needs to absolutely committed to developing and then maintaining:
  • A high quality teaching offer that is informed by the systematic use of high impact assessment for learning approaches that secure good progress for all
  • High expectations for ourselves and each other
  • Clear understanding by everyone of their roles and responsibilities and absolute commitment to carrying them out
  • A creative, broad and relevant curriculum that motivates and engages pupils and teaching staff
  • Rich care and value for ourselves and each other rooted in strong Christian values
The school community as a whole is working coherently together with a clear understanding of the school’s agreed mission statement. Development and improvement is continuous and constantly strived for with all staff, governors and parents displaying high expectations and goals.
By publicising our ambitions for the school and also our achievements, we hope to share our expectations and give everyone a clear picture of the work we are doing to make St Mary’s Catholic Primary School an outstanding place of learning. All children deserve nothing less than a good education and we must aim to provide them with the best by making ‘every lesson count’.
'It is our  aim that our school quickly becomes outstanding'

Having joined the team at St Mary's in January 2013 and I am really proud of our warm and friendly school. We are striving for the very best standards and we are keen to ensure our pupils make good progress in a happy and safe environment. It is our aim that our school quickly becomes outstanding.
'We expect every teacher to be a good teacher – no child deserves less'
We want the very best for our pupils and I meet regularly with all teachers to check that every child is achieving their potential and are making good progress. Classteachers and I regularly look at every child's work and progress data, discuss any existing barriers to learning and develop plans to accelerate learning together. As we are a medium sized school of approximately 150 pupils, we know all the pupils and each other really well. We work closely together to continually improve the quality of teaching our pupils are receiving and monitor how children are engaging in their learning. We strive to make every lesson count. We are a happy school and our teachers all work hard to ensure they are doing all they can to achieve better and better ways of working to secure good outcomes for children. 
'Make every  lesson count'
The St Mary's team and governors are committed to providing an interesting curriculum supported through a full range of extra curricular opportunities that allow students to realise their full academic, physical and social potential. Our curriculum plans for the needs of all learners as they progress through their years in our care, providing opportunities for enrichment to develop wider aspects of learning and personal development. Together we expect every teacher to be a good teacher – no child deserves less. We work hard to develop pupil confidence, resilence, humour and faith to enable our pupils to live healthy, satisfying and peaceful adult lives.
We invite you to visit us if you are looking for a smaller school in the area that prides itself on a family atmosphere based on solid Catholic values and a positive climate in which your child can learn.
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