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St Marys Catholic Primary School


Disability Access Statement

St Mary's Welcomes all Children, Non-Catholic and Catholic families to our Beautiful Primary School on Coronation Crescent, Madeley. Telford. Please contact us for a place for your child on 01952 388255.
Disability Access Statement
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
May 2018
With the introduction of the Equalities act 2010 an in light of the May 2014 update St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, assumed a mandatory obligation to provide easy access to all parts of its premises for people with Disabilities, wherever reasonably practicable.
At St Mary’s we are aware that the challenges that disabilities can bring may need proactive and extra measures taken so that all children , including those with disabilities can reach their full potential.
We make every reasonable adjustments possible to ensure that the children and adults who entre St Marys have full access to our services and provision.
The Act recognizes however, that full access is not always reasonably achievable in older existing buildings, and therefore states that in these cases people with disabilities should be able to gain easy access into the premises and that the services they require should be made available to them in close proximity to their entry point.
St Mary’s Catholic Primary school comprises of a single level building contained on one site only. Access to the site can be gained through two pedestrian entrances, one at the front and one at the rear of the building that are opened at specific times during the school day to allow ease of drop off and pick up of pupils. The driving access is only opened on request via an intercom system. The telephone number for disabled drivers use is signposted on the gates to enable them to contact the office to gain access as the driveway could not facilitate an intercom at driver height. There is a designated disabled parking bay clearly marked on the school car park.
The school building has 100% disabled access to all areas. There are two ramped areas on the rear playground to allow ease of access to all facilities.
Doors to enter the school and all classrooms are also 100% accessible for wheelchair users and there are no changes in floor levels within the building structure.
In addition to the above, there are accessible disabled lavatory facilities in the main school reception area that is clearly signposted as such.
St Mary’s Easy Read Accessibility Plan
Our school values everybody.
 We particularly welcome those with disabilities and special educational needs. 
We want to ensure that every disabled child matters in our school, and that all children, including those with disabilities and /or special educational needs are helped to:

             Stay Safe

             Be healthy

             Enjoy and Achieve

             Make a positive contribution

             Achieve economic wellbeing

We will make sure that children and adults with mobility impairments can get into our school, and can access our main facilities.
We will make sure that this plan, and other documents are available in alternative formats (such as in large print / audio tape).
Other school documents for children will also be available in other formats.
We will make sure that pupils with special educational needs and / or disabilities  clear plans and will make changes so that  their needs are met in the school, and their progress regularly reviewed
We will consider all activities that our school does to make sure that they are accessible for all
 We will  review the physical nature of our school building, and make sure when any alterations or adaptations are made, that these improve the physical accessibility of our school
We want our  disabled students, staff, and visitors to tell us what they think about our accessibility plan, or how they find coming to or being at St Marys.  Any feedback should be given to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Lambie or Mrs Evans, who will consider what should be done.
 If our school develops any extended school activities, we will make sure that the needs of disabled pupils and parents are considered,
We will make sure  that our school’s anti bullying policy is regularly updated.  Disabled children are often bullied, so we will make sure that our policy tells us what we should do if this happens.
We will consider how, within the curriculum, we can ensure that disabled children and young people are represented, and that the curriculum supports all pupil and staff’s awareness of disability awareness and access issues.
We recognise that accessibility is about more than physical access, and attitudes make a significant contribution to how accessible settings can be.